Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hi everyone,
Abe continue to improve everyday. He is stronger than before !
His mind-set has shifted from being totally dependent on others to being independent on some things that he was not able to do before., example: putting on his pants and shirt,
combing his hair,bathing himself, brushing his teeth,putting on his socks,eating and drinking by himself etc...He also enjoys singing a lot.
Abe is determined to drive really,really bad. He goes in his pickup truck and is desperately searching for the keys..He does not understand why he is not allowed to drive
and therefore gets frustrated. I believe once he gets a whole of those keys he's off to the family is carefully putting the keys in a safe place.
So far Abe has been walking around in his house from point A to point B by holding on to the wall, chairs, doors,table anything that he can hold on, to balance himself,but he is not walking alone as yet.
Today we went to the Physiotherapist in Belize city.She is amaze at how well Abe has been progressing every week.she cannot give us an accurate time chain of when or how long it will take Abe to walk by himself. It's just a matter of time and learning his balancing technique.The therapist said from her experience, that the most difficult  challenge still lies ahead for Abe. she believes that the balancing part of Abe's brain has been severely affected due to the impact of his brain trauma.
Abe still has his urine catheter inserted,..with various attempts in assisting him ,it didn't work.
Please continue to pray for endurance, patience,and strength for Pastor Abe and his family .. we appreciate it.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Abe's update

Hi family, friends, faithful viewers,
It's been quiet a while since any new updates on pastor Abe.
I must say he is improving everyday especially his speech. His mind is clearing rapidly, he remember some things from his long term memory  all  four children and his wife, his brothers and sisters, phone number, he knows to spell, he can hold a good conversation,he also can remember visitors by name, his company's business etc: Today Abe sign his signature for the first time .
. Once a week we the family  accompany Abe to Belize city to get therapy  by a professional therapist and also training so that we  can assist him everyday with the basic skills that he needs to achieve before learning to walk....He is not walking as yet, because the therapist said it's important for Abe to learn to walk properly..he is creeping.
we are so happy for the effort Abe shows participating when getting his therapy. His urine catheter is still inserted...we are praying and believing for his badder to start functioning ...His journey in recovering takes  a lot  patience and work but worth all the sacrifice! for we cannot do these things alone but only with the help and strength from our heavenly father who carry us through everyday.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Goodafternoon family and friends,
Clarence and Gladys and myself are in Guatemala for a checkup with
were expecting to take Abe home without the catheter inserted. The
took it out on Monday but after four and half hours of waiting for the
to function on its own, with no results, he put it in again. We will have
wait awhile again and try again sometime in the weeks or month to come.
urologist says the brain and bladder are not functoning together enough as
Pray with us that this important function of Abe's body will respond.
We saw Abe's main doctor, Dr.Mattheu today. He is well pleased with the
progress Abe has made. He adjusted Abe's medication and we are happy to go
with less medications than we came with.An exray on his back was done and
looks really good.
Abe is making progress every day.He is stronger, even his right side of
body is gaining strength. Today he used his right side hand to fork all his
meals into his mouth.This morning I asked him if he needed the bathroom and
said yes. I was sitting in bed deciding if I had to wake up Clarence to
help him
to the bathroom and as I wait a bit Abe pulled himself up by holding unto
arm. So I figured him and I will manage by ourselves.And we did.Clarence
him get into the shower for his bath and Abe basically bathed himself, too.
the family at home will be surprised at the progress that has taken place
just 3 days. He speaks alot and understands everything that is said and
around him. He responds to the conversation with sense-making answers.Today
asked him if his back was hurting him and for the first time he said it
did.Another first today was when I gave him a book and a pen and he started
scribbling. Clarence challenged him to make a circle and he did that
too.Here in
Guatemala the people speak spanish and when we are talking to spanish
people he starts talking in spanish too.
Praise the Lord for His healing power at work in Abe. Pray for the
family for
patience and endurance during this time as it requires a lot of hard work.
Betty Thiessen

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