Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Good morning family,friends,supporters,
Yesterday we had an amazing family time with Abe in the garden. It's the first time my daughter got to see her uncle Abe since we've been here in Guatemala. They didn't allowed her in the ICU because of her age,but in the garden was an exception yesterday. Thank you Jacob for declaring that she will see her uncle here before we leave.
Abe had his eyes wide open when they were bringing him to the garden,and after a while he dose off in a sleep. I believe it was so refreshing and rejuvinating for him to see and feel nature.
Yesterday Hertha was coaxing him to wake up in the garden, all of a sudden Sachi snorted like a pig in the midst of telling him to wake up,and his eyes automatically flew open. I hope he didn't think he was in a pig barn. Was very humorous.

This morning Hertha and I visited him for a while. He was asleep. Today we are awaiting the result of the doctor to see if the tube in Abe's throat will be remove. We had ask the nurses to take him out in the garden again.


  1. Hello Hertha
    May the Lord richly bless you in Guatemala.
    We also pray for Abe's total healing,
    Hope for you to be able to come home soon.
    Grace be with you all,
    Henry & Elma


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