Sunday, 16 December 2012

Miracles are taking place here at Centro Medico!

This afternoon Otto and Hertha went to visit Abe.He is having resistance on his right side more. Abe also follows verbal command very good. He can wipe his mouth with a napkin, put his hand on his mouth, put his hand on his fore head. Otto and the nurses were doing therapy to teach Abe how to sit up. He seem to really like it. At the end of the session, he can now pull himself from a partial sitting position into a sitting position.
Otto called 'Abe" !and he responded (huh) .Otto called him again ,and he immediately responded again(huh). Otto told him we're going to town to drink  a hot cup of coffee soon, and he replied in a clear voice (yes) in German. Just then a phone call came in from Milton,Abe took the phone from Otto and put it by his ears to listen to the conversation, after a few minutes into the conversation Abe said the longest sentence ever yoo eck weet in German. I hope I got that spelling correct. In English it means (yes I know)  we are rejoicing for the healing that is taking place. Mark 11:22:24

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