Saturday, 15 December 2012

Abe's update

Hello everyone,
Another beautiful day has gone by in Guatemala.
Abe was very content today.Hertha fed him lunch.He is still eating a little. We came back around 4:00pm from visiting,Hertha try to feed him some raspberry ice cream for vaspa which he enjoyed very much.
Abe is still in the ICU because of the feeding tube in his stomach. It require a special nurse for that I'm told.
From what Doctor Matteo have seen in patients with severe head trauma.,He said Abe  has progress really well in 1month, normally some patients take up to a year. Doctor also mention for the first 6months to 1year Abe should not bend his back,or lift up any heavy things.when he want to pick up something from the floor he can only go in a squatting position.
Please pray for Abe to regain a good appetite and for restoration. We submit no healing is too hard for our heavenly father.

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