Tuesday, 20 November 2012

So now we are back with a decision on the surgery. They will do surgery today or tomorrow morning to take out all the tubes from his mouth and nose and put in two tubes,  lower on his throat, one for feeding and the other for one for oxygen. This will be done to give his tongue more chance to heal  and so he can continue to breathe, in spite of the swelling in his tongue. The surgery on the vertebrae will be given a few days time , for the infection in the vertebrae to decrease. So please continue to pray and intercede and believe for complete healing for Abe. For his brain, his lungs, his shoulder, his vertebrae, his tongue, his breathing, just for complete restoration. We serve an awesome God and He is good. He gives peace in the midst of the storm. We praise him for that and for the healing He is giving and is going to give.

         Betty  on behalf of Hertha

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  1. I have been praying Psalm91. We pray for totaling healing over Abe's body.
    our thoughts and love are with you Hertha. Belen and Frank


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