Monday, 19 November 2012

We just talked to the  doctor. He says Abe has not really improved since yesterday. Abe is healing ,but very slowly. He says that they see a variety of different ways people respond after experiencing head trauma. So we ask you to continue praying and interceding for Abe’s healing. We need to declare amazing things to happen in Abe’s body. Thank you very much for your faithfulness in praying and believing. THANK YOU ,FATHER,  FOR PEACE THAT YOU GIVE US.  One new concern we need to pray for is that his tongue is swollen. This could be due to the initial inserting of tubes right after the accident. The doctor says if that swelling does not go down they will need to do surgery to insert two tubes in a different place, for him to be able to keep on breathing. Thank you for praying. We need it .

                          Written by Betty Thiessen on behalf of Hertha    

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  1. We declare total healing over Abe's , in Jesus name!!!


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