Friday, 30 November 2012

Some of our visitors are gone. Frank and Dora and the children left this morning at 6:20 and Walter took the bus yesterday at 10:30. Mom and Dad are still here and myself ( Betty), with Hertha.  Hertha really enjoyed having her children here. It was sweet to see how they enjoyed  visiting their                                                                                                                      dad. We pray for safe travelling for them.

      Hertha and I saw Abe this morning. He opened his eyes 5 times during our 1 hour visit in his room. Doctor Mattheo came in briefly, he had to go do a surgery. He brings so much encouragement when he enters a room. We asked him about fixing Abe’s shoulder and he gave a few reasons why there is no rush to do that

-          He has a sore ( about half an inch in diameter, we think it is from the accident) right on the place where they would make the incision  which he says would not be good to irritate that before it is healed.

-          Every surgery he has, sets back on the progress his brain is making and could cause more complications, which we don’t need right now.

-          The surgery is minor and can be done closer to the time when he goes home or even come back later to do it.

Please pray that his body will receive the supplements they want to give him and his digestive system will do its work.

              Thank you so much for your unceasing intercession and encouragement.



























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